We are Malin and Victor, two Swedes in our thirties trying to make a small change in the big world that we live in 🙂 We believe that changes do not necessarily have to be too difficult or expensive for that matter, as long as we feel inspired and safe in what we do. This is the reason why we decided to create fruitberrybeet!

the purpose of this site

There is no question that the food industry in general is crazy, and that the meat industry in specific is detrimental to the environment and how the animals are treated. When we started to pay attention to the environment it became clear that we needed to do something more than just eating vegan – we are not the first nor the last to do this, nevertheless this is our effort.


Fruitberrybeet is here for inspirational purposes, not to point any fingers or shame anyone. We want you to get inspired to try our vegan or plant-based meals, maybe just once a week or as a full switch. We want you to be able to find inspirational content to share with your friends or family.


We don’t want o call this site necessarity ‘ours’, we want it to become a place where people with great ideas, inspiring content and awesome vegan food is gathered and can be shared for others to be inspired! What if we can create a community for anyone to join that has an interest in sustainable living? What a dream!

who we are

Victor has a background in the restaurant business were he has played a role in both the kitchen as well as in serving. His interest in food started early and most of his time still in diaper was spent on the kitchen counter, closely following the steps his parents performed while preparing the food. He cooked and served his first meal at 3 years old – an onion soup – to his family inspired by a story read to him by his parents.


Victor became vegan after watching Cowspiracy and several additional documentaries in mid-2016. Despite his love for work-outs (outdoor gyms and runs) he has not yet faded away due to any urban legend nutrient deficiancy. 


Malin has always loved good food but not really felt any interest in cooking. However, the interest in gutflora and health has playes a big part of her later life. She has tried a couple of different diets, mostly focusing on cooking meals from scratch, and reducing the intake of unnecessary sugars and food additives.


When Malin met Victor she rarely had meat and only when eating out if ever, after they met she skipped meat straight away. It wasn’t hard at all when the food tasted great!


It may seem straight forward to some, but our choice to eat plant-based / vegan is affected by several factors. We are both lovers of animals and thus cannot even consider eating them anymore. Moreover, we are both very aware of the vast affect the meat, fishing, and dairy industry has on our planet. Reducing or eliminating the intake of animal protein and fats contributes greatly to halting the climate crisis. Lastly, switching to a vegan or plant-based has proved to have great benefits to the health – not only reducing the risk for several types of cancer, but it has also proved effects on the cardio-vascular health, your gut biom and has been shown to improve the results from work-outs. 

thanks for stopping by. hope you get inspired!